"How do I look?"

Guest Projects - 1 Andrews Road E8 4QL


Throughout February 2018, Grace is investigating modes of being/doing/inhabiting middle age! Join us!


FREE Public events (Click on event to reserve free tickets):


Thur 8 Feb, 6:30: Mo Throp: "How to walk"


Thur 15 Feb, 6:30: Performance: Araniello + Albor


Thur 22 Feb, 6:30: Drag, move, dead drop film night: Man for a Day (free popcorn) + Marmalade Sunset, a performance by Sarah Kent


Friday 2 March, 6:30: Cabaret night


A group of fabulous women who identify as older will spend time with us from 7 Feb to 2 March at Guest Projects (1 Andrews Road E8 4QL) as we explore the experience of middle age, investigating the signs and signifers, acting as art sleuths, and getting to the bottom of how we are perceived and perceive ourselves. We plan to mix the absurd with the serious, employing humour and bloody mindedness in equal measure.

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