26 August (Saturday), 10:00-13:00, You've got a lot to learn, The Allotment Gallery at Greenbelt Festival, Boughton House, Kettering.


09 September (Saturday), time: TBA, Grace has been invited to perform "How do I look?" at the Jacqueline Morreau exhibition, on Saturday 9th September. The exhibit runs from 2nd - 21st of September at The Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts, London. A retrospective exhibition of the works of Jacqueline Morreau, featuring event series of talks, workshops, and performances. Flailing limbs, misshapen body parts and the distorted coupling of bodies; the figurative works of Jacqueline Morreau are enthralling, disturbing, and a fascinating commentary on the conflicts of womanhood. Morreau’s works are dark and intricate, lifting influences from mythology and exposing both the ancient and the contemporary myths that haunt the female body.


12-15 September (Tuesday - Friday) JOIN US: Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, taking place in conjunction with the 57th Venice Art Biennale. Grace has been invited by .itsliquid and we're looking for collaborators!  


20-21 September (Thursday, Friday) Grace has been invited by SLAP to be part of the Performance // Workshops // Party in various venues across York, Part of the Artists Curating Dance Project in partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation & Yorkshire Dance. By invitation. More details anon.


November/December: Workshop/Performance with women in Bern,Switzerland. Grace has been invited by BONE, details TBA.


Coming soon:


Edinburgh peformance, with our friends at BASIC MOUNTAIN, details TBA


Past Events:


23-25 June (Friday-Sunday) Hull, invited by Rotterdam based group WORM: "This June, the wunderful world of WORM will take over Humber Street Gallery, 64 Humber Street, HU1 1TU. These Dutch avant-gardist innovators will take up residence on Humber Street for a riotous festival of punk, DADA and Fluxus. Their residency will include events, workshops and performances – WORM’s remarkable performance stage, The Performance Bar, will take pride of place in Humber Street Gallery during the festival. This transformable stage blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience" ... and WORM have invited Grace to perform on it!


16 May, 3:00 pm UK time, 4th Online Performance Festival. The festival was live online, for 4 days


24 March 2017, 11pm - 3am, Studio 24, 24–26 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP, £8.80 some concessions / 0131 558 3758 Members of Grace will take part in Naomi Garriock's piece The Sensory Modulator a participatory performance work inspired by the life & work of Temple Grandin. (Tickets include entrance to Rythym Machine, next door: International Live Act PILOTWINGS! Direct from Lyon, the duo dive into an oceanic lost world of frantic, percussive house fantasies amidst the cavernous beating heart of the Rhythm Machine dancefloor - with DJ Yves & M. Favors.)